Dr. Behrmann  is committed to staying
at the forefront of dental technologies and techniques

to give you the
best work possible...and know this also
means he's committed to keeping your experience
comfortable and actually enjoyable with
the latest pain-free methods.

Dental implants are changing lives and making people
smile. Whether you are missing one or all your teeth,
dental implants can improve your chewing function
and help you smile with confidence. Come see if
you are a candidate for dental implants today!

Sedation Dentistry
If you have experienced any of the following,
you might be a candidate for sedation dentistry:
Fear or anxiety; history of traumatic dental experience;
difficulty getting numb; very sensitive teeth or gag reflex;
limited time to complete a lot of treatment;
or complex dental needs. We want to make
your visit as comfortable as possible!

Perio Protect
The best way to control gum disease is to control
the bacteria that live in your mouth. We use a system
that manages gum disease by daily delivery of medicine
to each tooth and the gum tissue around them. Our patients
have been amazed with their results.

Wisdom Teeth
Not everyone should have their wisdom teeth removed;
however, there are many reasons why we might recommend
their removal: limited space, excessive gum tissue/partial
exposure, poor positioning, pain, crowding, cleaning
difficulty, cysts, abscesses, tumors, or decay.
Come have your wisdom teeth evaluated today.

Root Canals
If you are experiencing pain or have fractured a tooth, it
is possible that you might benefit from Root Canal Therapy.
Using today's best technologies makes the procedure
quicker and more comfortable than ever.

Also provided are:
Crowns & Bridges
Minor Surgeries
Night guards
Digital & 3D X-rays
Intraoral camera